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European Zodiac CH650 Ei (i=made in Italy)

Simple and quick to build easy and fun to fly!

The new ZODIAC CH 650 design offers superior performance and capabilities, comfortable side-by-side seating, affordable costs, and best of all, the ZODIAC is available as a durable all-metal kit that you can quickly build yourself  with just basic skills and tools.



ch650-cabin-web.jpg The new ZODIAC CH 650 for Sport Pilots

Zenair has developed the Zodiac CH 650 Ei version specifically for the European market. The lightened European Zodiac CH650 Ei is the result of continuing development, and is now available as a all-new kit or RTF (Ready To Fly) airplane.

The standard ZODIAC CH650 Ei kits and RTF, manufactured by ICP in Italy under Zenithair licence, are being distributed across Europe by  Zenair dealers / importers Lighter materials are used in the European version . This includes  lighter European-made wheels and brakes, and some lightened airframe items.


The ZODIAC CH 650 Ei is a second generation light sport aircraft, developed specifically for Sport Pilots.  It is the latest model in the Zodiac line of aircraft from aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz, first introduced in 1984.  This newest model offers new and updated features including modern new styling with a larger cabin area. Some of the Zodiac's new features include:

Zodiac CH 650 feaures
“...a playful, delightful airplane with side-by-side seating and a gorgeous bubble canopy. Handling is great, stability is pleasant, and the kit is very straight forward.
Highly recommended.”


Zodiac CH 650 LSA, powered by the 100-hp Continental O-200 engine:
New Zodiac CH 650 styling Zodiac CH 650 Custom panel for instrument flight

The lighter European Zodiac CH 650 Ei powered by the 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine:
Zodiac CH 650 Trying out the Zodiac CH 650 out for size...

Špecifikácia a výkony Zodiac CH650 Ei - po najnovších letových s skúškach s vrtuľami DUC!

Specs and Performance Zodiac CH650 Ei - latest flight tests with DUC props!


CH650Ei with Rotax 912 100HP

Takeoff dist /vzlet

Rate of climb / stúpanie

Cruise / rýchlosť

Cruise / rýchlostť

Cruise / rýchlosť

max cruise/ max cest rýchlosť

Prop DUC Swirl vrtuľa diam 1745


120 m








215km/h @5500rpm

Prop DUC Flash

vrtuľa Diam 1660, 28°

80 m


175km/h @4500rpm

180km/h @4800rpm

200km/h @5000rpm

225km/h @5400rpm


ZODIAC XL Top View Side View Schematic: ZODIAC XL
ZODIAC XL Front  View
SPECIFICATIONS / špecifikácia

WING SPAN/zozpňtie 8,23m MAX CRUISE /max.cest.rýchlsť 225 km/h
LENGHT / dĺžka
6,3m Vne / neprekročiteľná rýchlosť
260 km/h
HORIZONTAL TAIL SPAN/rozpňtie chvosta
2,30m Vs1 STALL SPEED no flaps / pádová rýchlosť bez klapiek
82 km/h
1,98m Vso STALL SPEED flaps down / pádová rýchlosť s klapkami
EMPTY WEIGHT / prázdna hmotnosť
284kgs  RATE OF CLIMB / stúpanie
5 m/s
   TAKE-OFF ROLL / rozjazd pri štarte
80 m
GROSS WEIGHT / max.hmotnosť (MTOW)
472,5kg (with parachute)
LANDING DISTANCE / dojazd pri prístátí
152 m
 FUEL tanks/nádrže (standard )  2x36 ltr RANGE / dolet 
750-900 km
FUEL tanks/nádrže (option/voliteľné)  2x46 ltr ENDURANCE / výdrž
4,5 hours
CABIN WIDTH / šírka kabíny
112cm LOAD FACTOR (G) ultimate / zaťaženie max.
+6/-4 g


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